Apigee Edge Platform

Apigee offers the Apigee Edge Platform which enables you to setup and govern an API Management layer. Apigee will be used as the API Gateway between the outbound traffic and the internal APIs used within your company. So whenever you are exposing internal data through APIs to the outside world, your company will benefit from an API Gateway. Apigee is also known as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and is a very mature platform that offers a lot of functionality out of the box.

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Apigee Edge platform

Very recently Apigee was acquired by Google. Dots&Arrows is an official Apigee partner and reseller. We have trained experts that can help you with your architecture, design, implementation and maintenance of any API (driven) environment. Wether you are looking for expertise and/or consulting for the APIGEE Edge platform or if want to perform an audit on your current architecture Dots&Arrows offers you a set of flexible services that will guide you and be matched to your needs. With the Apigee Edge platform you can design, analyse and scale your API’s like never before on a very user-friendly platform Both Mulesoft and Apigee are marked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrants.

Apigee benefits

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Out of the box & custom security policies

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Monitor and analyze APIs

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Manage microservices

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API monetization

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Expose a developer portal

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Decouple public & private data models

Official Apigee Partner

Dots&Arrows is an official Apigee partner and reseller of Apigee licenses. We deliver our professional services throughout the Benelux (consultancy) and we can deliver support and training globally. All of our consultants are certified Apigee developers. We can guide you in implementing, designing an architecture and reviewing any installation of Apigee. On top of that we have our own certified trainers who can provide you and your co-workers with official training on site. We have all the expertise needed to help you with your Apigee adventure.

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