Reducing Costs

3 reasons why API’s reduce IT costs

No company can operate, much less realize any growth without an effective IT infrastructure. And yet, IT is often considered a cost that should be reduced flat out. Bad idea. The key is to make the various software systems interact more effectively. APIs do the job, while reducing cost in a smart way.


Whether it’s about customers, orders, shipping information or invoicing, all data are housed in a piece of software. These data have become indispensable to improve operations and anticipate and respond to market evolutions. But as companies have more software systems than ever, it is vital to optimize the interaction between these systems

How an integration platform benefits the organization

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Firstly, the costs of maintaining and expanding older point-to-point solutions is rapidly increasing. And it is never a good long-term solution. APIs are the key to the much needed interaction between all of your software systems.

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Secondly, such architecture can support the swift adoption of new technologies and adapt quickly to changes within the IT landscape. Only then can IT be aligned with the strategic objectives, and become an enabler and cost reducer within your organisation. Also, technologies and tools are utilised to their full potential.

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And third, a fully-fledged integration platform helps to diminish repetitive tasks such as connecting to SaaS applications and interfacing with databases. This, along with a skilled team that knows how to work with a proven integration architectural method is the first step towards success and efficiency.

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